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Larrivee P-05 Mahogany Select

The Larrivee 05 Series is one of the finest mahogany guitar ranges on the market today. The P-05 Mah..

£1,900.00 £1,625.00

Larrivee OM-03 R Save Today!

The Larrivee OM-03R orchestral size guitar is a wonderful instrument built to the highest standard a..

£1,795.00 £1,695.00

Larrivee L-03 Electro Acoustic

The Larrivee L-03E Electro Acoustic all Solid wood guitar is brought to you by Tree of Life Guitars ..


Larrivee OM-03 12th Fret Pre-Order

Larrivee OM-03 12th Fret

The Larrivee OM-03 12th Fret acoustic guitar, built in sunny California to an extremely high specifi..


Larrivee 00-03 Recording Series Pre-Order

Larrivee 00-03 Recording Series

The Larrivee 00-03 Recording Series now in stock and what an amazing tone this has. A very..


Larrivee L-03

The Larrivee L-03 all Solid wood acoustic guitar is brought to you by Tree of Life Guitars with a ti..


Larrivee OM-03 Acoustic

The Larrivee OM-03 all solid orchestral model from Larrivee is the perfect companion for fingerstyle..


Larrivee P-03

Larrivee P-03 Parlour Guitar.This Larrivee Parlour Model P-03 is a small bodied instrument with a ve..


Larrivee P-03 Zebrano

Larrivee P-03 Zebrano Parlour Guitar.We at Tree of Life absolutely love this brand and are very happ..


Larrivee OM-02 Acoustic Out Of Stock

Larrivee OM-02 Acoustic

The Larrivee OM-02 all Solid acoustic guitar is a no-compromise built quality guitar. The 02 series ..


Larrivee OM-40 Legacy

The Larrivee OM-40 Legacy Series is a revolutionary new range of guitars from Larrivee. This new mod..