About Us

Tree of Life Guitars is excited to yet again reinvent itself after the last 2 years of complete mayhem and uncertainty. We tried to offer a full range of sustainable products, however, we are too early as the industry doesn't permit such a universal product line. We still strive to offer the best possible product in terms of our sustainable strategy.

My name is Dainty Summer and I own Tree of Life Guitars. The business has been trading now for 10 Years and has seen significant changes in the industry. The industry is changing at a very fast pace and so is the guitar buying public. We as a business recognize the importance of our local market, and we aim to serve this with 100% passion and commitment in what we do. We have continually changed to try and stay ahead of the curve and the ever-growing demands on a small business. The ethos behind our store is to offer a sustainable product where we can to the best of our ability without detriment to the company. 

I have been playing the guitar for over 30 years now and know what I like, pretty much turning my hand to most styles, although, rock and blues are my goto. Since I love to play, I also know what it means to receive a guitar set up to perfection. I am also just at the start of a new 3 piece Blues-Rock band, call "Breaking Blues" Watch this space.

I personally inspect and set up every guitar that leaves the store, making sure you get the best possible experience in playability, service, and fast delivery.

We are an honest, reliable independent guitar shop and appreciate you stopping by.
Thank You.