About Us

Tree of Life Guitars is excited to offer our valued customers and future clients sustainable and ethically built products. We are offering acoustic instruments with a soul, a heartbeat to you, the artist, player or student to connect with and create beautiful music. Creativity with a peace of mind and a clear conscience.
Supply chain tracked and fully certified by CITES, the FSC, Country-specific environmental associations and individual company initiatives, we feel everything in the store is as passionate about the planet as the music you create.
Music is a special gift and so are the woods used to craft these works of art, trees take many years to grow and replanting is essential for the future of our planet. Larrivee, Lakewood, Guild USA, Faith, C.F Martin, Riversong, Furch and Acus are perfectly positioned within our new ethos. We will constantly strive to source locally built, ethically built and sustainably built acoustic instruments for our ever-growing customer base.
We thank you for your support in the past and urge you to support our journey and the future of our forests and workforce. To support craftsmanship and not just mass-produced factories, churning out the same guitar and slapping a different name on the headstock. No Soul there!
The industry is changing at a very fast pace and so is the guitar buying public. We have decided to move away from generic built guitars which are so price driven and lack quality and appeal, and move into the light and offer select, quality acoustic instruments. We start at £165 for a student guitar now and go up from there, yes you can buy cheaper far east versions however, we can confidently say that nowhere along the supply chain has the planet been abused our the workforce for corporate greed and bottom line profit.
A few of the major guitar manufacturers are really struggling with the corporate business model and are getting deeper and deeper into debt. This industry is about something special, a beautiful piece of art, a way to express yourself and we at Tree of Life Guitars want to supply you the perfect acoustic instrument to help you develop and grow.
Drop by at any time for a coffee and some PeAcE.