What Starter Acoustic?

Posted by Tree Of Life Guitars 25/01/2019 0 Comment(s)

Where to Start?


Here at Tree of Life Guitars, we pride ourselves on offering you top quality guitars and accessories. We are delighted to offer our clients high-end pieces from our SW London Guitar store. The affordable guitar market has its place, but the buy it cheap buy it twice rule is more and more evident at the bottom to middle price point. We urge you to consider certain factors when purchasing your guitar and accessories from us and what impact it will have on you, your finances and the environment.


Firstly and most importantly would be budget, and if you're simply looking for an entry point guitar as a first experience then a Spanish guitar would be a great place to start. Admira Guitars are built in Spain and offer nylon strings with a wider nut width, giving you a pain-free starting point with extra space to clear the tricky first fingering. You can do this from £145.00 which is a very fair price for a handcrafted guitar from Spain. 


Secondly, visit your local guitar dealer or make a call to the store to get a feel for the attention to detail and the passion the retailer has. This is the start of a relationship with an instrument, and some cheap far east version that's not had a setup or adjustment could end your journey straight from the box. 


Lastly, how has the instrument impacted the planet? Has the guitar been built sustainably? Ethically? Does that even matter to you? It matters to us and we strive to serve the consumers top quality guitars with peace of mind.


So with all that in mind you are armed with the information to make a much more informed decision about your guitar buying journey. Feel free to contact us online or by telephone, we are always happy to answer your questions.

Good Luck!

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