Quality not Quantity

Posted by Tree Of Life Guitars 03/08/2019 0 Comment(s)

Quality not Quantity

An ethical retailer of fine guitars.


Tree of Life Guitars is delighted with our new business model. The guitars we sell are all handcrafted works of art. We specialise in quality only and all of the instruments are set up and loved so you can purchase and enjoy complete peace of mind from us. When we sell you a guitar, we're not just trying to make a bit of extra margin on another cheap Chinese imitation, we're offering you the chance to try and buy all original handcrafted instruments. We no longer need to satisfy the ever-hungry demands of soulless corporations selling us absolute rubbish. We are in control of our stock and we choose what to sell. 



Passion is at the heart of everything we do, be it Sales, Maintenance, Tuition or simply just talking about guitars, we live and breathe it! We are focused on you 100% of the way and offer complete honesty in all of our products. We don't need to hide behind the fact that it's a far eastern, mass-produced guitar, we only sell the original model. The company that started the brand in the place it's meant to be built by top luthiers and finished to the highest standard. That's what we do!





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