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There were nylon picks, wooden picks, metal picks, cotton picks, acrylic picks, mass-produced picks, handmade picks, big picks, small picks, red picks, blue picks, black picks, white picks and band merch picks.

There were a whole host of picks out there but almost all of them were not just un-environmentally friendly but packaged with tonnes of unnecessary plastic.

Then came the idea. To make plectrums out of used plastics and use profits to educate young people on plastic pollution.

We then expanded our product range to other music-based products that are either made from used plastics, vegan or eco-friendly.

Now you know our history, we would be honoured to have you follow us into the future. With your help, we are saving the world, one pick at a time.

Our Goals
to help to reduce plastic pollution by up-cycling used plastics into quality recycled and vegan products to spread awareness of the plastic pollution problem that plagues our oceans and the challenges facing the environment, in general, to educate the next generation of the problems and solutions through our free workshops and assemblies 

More About Us- Hand made and individually crafted

We like to believe that every pick that we make is like a snowflake. Slightly different from anyone before. We don't use standardising machines so all the way through our wholesome process, from the picks themselves to the packaging, we create by hand. This means that no extra pollution is created. Not just a novelty 

'Earth' was founded by guitarists who also care about the environment. We want to be able to play with the picks we create, use the straps and wear the shirts. We do not want to be seen as a gimmick. We create long lasting and bright sounding picks, straps of the highest quality and Tees that you will not find anywhere else. We are creating products that are as great to use as they are great for the environment. 

For example; We don't print our logo on our picks and this seems to buck a trend in the industry. The reason for this is that we want to create a wholly recycled product and printing a logo is using ink that is not recycled and doesn't have to be used. Printing a logo on a pick doesn't help the sound, feel, or the environment. So what's the point? 

Minimal packaging pledge 

All our packaging is designed in the UK to be in accordance with our minimal packaging pledge. This pledge means that we produce completely reusable and recyclable packaging and use as little paper as possible and absolutely no plastic. We use hand shredded waste paper as padding in our delivery parcels. This can be reused as packing material or recycled. We encourage our customers to reuse our delivery boxes for whatever use they see fit if a use can't be found then these are also 100% recyclable. Any comments or suggestions on our waste reduction and sustainability is welcome.

Our profits fund free education on plastic pollution for young people.

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