Furch Guitars In Stock Now

Posted by Tree Of Life Guitars 05/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

We at Tree of Life Guitars are extremely happy to take delivery of the first few Furch guitars as part of our new dealership. Super high-end quality with all solid tonewoods. TOL Guitars constantly strive to find and offer our clients new and old a sustainable option when it comes to buying a quality instrument Don't be fooled by huge brand names adorning the headstocks of guitars that are built in the far east for low cost and sold to the west at a premium.

TOL guitars are offering premium brands with a history of ethics and a huge sustainable knowledge of the presently available timbers and the futures supply. All of the tonewoods used on the Furch guitars are harvested from sustainable and ethical sources, giving you, the customer a peace of mind and future hope for generations to come.

Drop by to check these fantastic hand built instruments out. You will see the quality and feel the passion and soul for a better instrument and a brighter future.

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