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Posted by Tree Of Life Guitars 25/02/2018 0 Comment(s) Rock House Music News,

As the MI (music industry) moves toward a much more supermarket styled playing field with no specific focus on sustainability and credibility, but simply just price, we feel at RHM Ltd it's time to change.

I am a guitar lover and enjoy playing quality instruments however, I don't enjoy the whole corporate world of the MI hence our new passion for quality. We are a Vegan family and make conscious decisions at every turn throughout the day, week and year in what we eat, wear and use to help improve the future of our planet. The huge guitar manufacturers who make their beloved USA branded guitars in China, Indonesia and other Asian countries, simply to keep up with the demand of the planets price driven thoughtless consumers, forcing untold amounts of stock onto dealers just to hit numbers, has become unsustainable for the business we run and the passion we have for the future of our planet.  Oh and did I also say "extremely boring".


Tree of Life Guitars is a culmination of all of the above and our belief in the future and our choice to sell instruments that we believe in and that carry kudos and credibility. Not just another red one! Whilst in the past the corporates have made us a bit of money and we have supplied some great instruments, it just feels like time to take back control of our company, our choice of stock, the customers we want to serve and the brands we believe in.


Tree of Life Guitars will be opening on the 1st April 2018 and will be an shopping experience not just another shop full of Fender! 


See you all real soon.


The Dainty's.

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